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What is Newphysics?

Newphysics is a “play on words” related to “Newton physics”, against “Einstein physics” and seem we speak over anything “new”. Really also can be named by “old physics” or “clasical physics” against actual physics that admit many impossibles and is according (actual) to belief and sectarian.

Really actual physics is not physics and physical, they are sectarian that have taken the real name of physic for their sect and nothing until now has take this in count. So I need to rename the real physic, then I take the name Newphysics. This is not first time a name is taken, near this is an example, like biology the science to treat the stars would to be named astrology, but astrology was taken by people that belief that stars can change your personality, so they named real star science like astronomy. There are more examples, …

In same form we can speak over Newscience, Newastronomy, Newbiology, … because science is only 1 and an error affect to all branches.

Why and from when?

From 1927 Solvay conference – until that moment the physics is the Newton physics, but in that moment the physics like science stop and born a sect with many believers until today: “This conference was also the culmination of the struggle between Einstein and the Scientific Realists”.

What is that actually is called physics?

This is not more that a belief impossible without any proof, this made to all that belief in this a believer and a sectarian.

Actual so called physics (remember is not really a science, is only a pseudo-science) is all based in theories without any  proof and only impossibles: Big Bang, universe expansion theory, quantum theory (also called quantum physic without any proof), string theory, black hole theory, Relativity theory, E=mc2,  …

Why is a sect?

In the past science is not first time that has errors (Copernic, spherical Earth, continental drift, … but normally after an error and with proofs they change. Never until 1927 the science give an imposible like solution and reject all proofs against their belief.

All their belief is without any proof and reject all proofs against their belief.

Why take this change the physics?

Until this time (near 1927) Newton physic could explain all, but from there any so-called wises thinked that physics cannot explain all, but really the problem was that they cannot explain the relation between they see and the Newton physic and by that create an impossible physic all full of impossibles and beliefs.

Really (this is real problem) they could not explain the facts in relation to real physic and not say that they don’t know the solution, they create an aberration full of impossibles. From then all or near all are theories without proofs.

By begin (the same Solvay conference) they create quantum theory full of errors, in first time they say that light only is quantum (matter) and not wave, but later by proofs need to change admitting are waves, by that say that light is at same time quantum and waves. From here only is needed a time to admit that only are waves.

Would this affect to other branches of science?

Yes. Is sure that affect in more or less quantity. The discredit in future would to affect in more or less quantity to all branches because science is only 1 and so we can speak over Newscience in general against actual sect.

Imagine a biologist that say that a big footprint is from a mouse and create theories and the other biologist accept this, the other branches of science need to reject or take in count the consequences.

In other form I have sending proofs to scientist newspapers (general) and this have been rejected, here you can say are the newspapers but this newspaper have supposed editors that are scientists.

Black era for physics

This so big errors (belief in impossibles) affect to all science and firstly to physics, this give a black era for science in this moments that really would to accelerate. Really in actual moments all are only theories impossibles and a few of discover always in relation with the actual technologies (galaxies with good telescopies, particles of atom and few more).

Is it probably that science admit their errors?

Really is few probable, today we can speak over control, power, proselytism, belief, believers, sect, sectarians, but few or nothing over objetivity, reallity, true, …

Is near to suppose that pro-UFO would admit that UFO not exist. I’m treating by near 3 years to proof that Big Bang is impossible but all is rejected in same form that UFO-believers reject any proof against their belief.

Today universities are near of control, proselytism, belief and sect, in any post any studient say that this is near their doubts of first year. Then, if this that study are impossible (only theories without proofs): How obtain that all belief in this impossibles without doubts?: this is called proselytism: “the act of becoming or the condition of being a convert to an opinion, political party, or religious group.” by http://www.thefreedictionary.com/proselytism

Am I physicist?

Like you can read I have not received proselytism by that I’m not physicist, I have not oblied to belief in this impossibles.

In many cases where there are proselytism and form into a group is necessary any from out of the group to obtain the solution.

In actual case I need to add  that gracefully I’m not physicist, and by that I’m not of this sect.

Is it possible to explain all with Newton physics?

Yes. In my webpage you have 50 hypotheses that explain like all that physics (pseudo) explain by impossibles is possible explain from Newton physics (newphysics).

Why they create an impossible physics?

They don’t understand the physic and the reality, and by that seem that for their were more easy to use impossible that to understand the reality. In past the human use the gods.

A time is admitted an impossible, all people that like to obtain acceptation need to continue in that direction in the form that only the biggest stupidy can to be accepted. If you put a big quantity of good brains in a bad direction will obtain many thing, but always many stupid things. (we can say this is a race to see who say the biggest stupidity) (imagine if you don’t say a bigger stupidity or say anything reasonable your information is rejected, only are accepted impossibles according to their beliefs).

Real physics will recover their name?

Probably not, in past there are many examples, probably in future word like science, astronomy, physics will have negative relations. These peoples will obtain this.

In same form today Einstein means intelligent and in near future will means stupidity, lie, false, impossibles.

So Newscience or another name will be the name to that today we consider science.

So I proposse here the word “Newscience”, “Newphysics”, … “New…”

Advances are really in our time

Yes. But advances are by engineering, laser, nuclear power, …

For example in nuclear power: in engineering treat over critical mass, … not over 1 grame with e=mc2, in nuclear power treat with tonnes of uranius not with grames.

All my work are hypotheses

Yes, but an hypotheses is anything not accepted by other, this may end in nothing, theory, law, fact, … but a theory is only anything without proofs byt accepted.

Why control?

Control means power, also lie is according to power and true with free.

In the case of expansion of universe and Big Bang also add creationism (near Gods), this only would to be sufficent to reject theirs.

Relation with scientist

Nothing, nothing for always. In same form that a person that know that UFO not exist has not relation with people that believe in UFO, same in the case of the believer in any moment not believe more.

So relation today and always will be zero. Actual scientists only need to accept my hypotheses and obtain at same time total discredit: read my principles.

In same form not relation with scientist newspaper (today after many years scientist [so intelligent theirs] discover that these newspaper mislead theirs, allways has taken their copyright: “Scientists Join Crusade Against Academic Publisher Elsevier

Near 3 years writing to newspaper (that magazines that take your copyright), all rejected, universities – all rejected, forums – all rejected. For advance I need to oblied from all theirs and create gidelines for the future of newsciences. This fight maybe from many years and probably later my dead.

This is a a “fight with no quarter given” against scientist in general and physicists in particular, until their discredit.

Knowing of this newscience?

This need your contribution, I don’t speak with scientist (pseudo or actual sectarians), not with scientists newspapers, not with press in general (they have the control and so the only solution for not lose is not relation, read my principles page).

 Really this is not a new science, is the science of all time less from 1927. Really this last century is the century of control and lies.

Probably is good time to observe if internet permit the extension of ideas.

I believe or not in this

This is not belief, all I say have proofs or at least signs, you can read theirs in my 2 pages of hypotheses.

If you like belief, you can belief in Einstein science. The science I write is all based in true and nothing in belief.

You can think against me, many people make this.

I can have any errors, I never contrast theirs with nobody, but Einstein science is very contrasted and all false.


Later from astronomy and physics, the next in discredit is maths, in classic maths (maths until Newton) the expansion of the universe and Big Bang was impossible, but from Einstein none mathematician has show  that this is impossible.

According to Big Bang and universe expansion, 0 = 1 = 2 = …. , in Big Bang the universe is created from nothing, all matter, … is created from nothing, by that 0 = all, there is not formula but none mathematician has show this is impossible and science is only 1 with some branches.

In same according to universe expansion the universe is expanding in all moment in all direction, but really is not a expansion (expand from nothing) is a creation, by that 0=1=2=3= … and none mathematician say is false.

More, according to universe expansion theory, the universe expand in all points and direction, there are none geometrical figure that can make this, but none mathematician has say this is false, also none mathematician has show a figure that admit expansion from all points and directions.

More, according to black hole if you add matter to an stars this become a black hole, this means that x +1 = 0, in same form this formula has not be show by mathematician but none mathematician has show this is impossible.

According to maths classic or Newton’s maths this is impossible but not according to maths from Einstein, by that we need to go to Newmaths.

Newskepticism and Newrationalism

Skepticism and rationalism have the same problems that science, in both in future will exist Newskepticism and Newrationalism, actual are believers like I have read in theirs forums where their liked banned me. A real skepticism would to banner at the moderators, they show few skepticist and few rationalist or because really are believers, only are skeptics in gods but they are believers in Einstein science and against real rationalism.

He’s so believer a person that believes in gods and not believes in Big Bang that any other that believes in Big Bang and not believes in gods

From when

From near 1900.

According to http://www.rmki.kfki.hu/~lukacs/THEATREV.htm we can read: “TWO CLOUDLETS ON THE CLEAR SKY… – Sometimes in 1900 Lord Kelvin, the famous physicist, elaborated an article to announce the new century of Physics [3]. As it is well known, he wrote that on the clear sky of Physics there was still 2 cloudlets to clean away in the new century: the problem with the energy distribution of blackbody radiation, and the surprising negative result of the Michelson interferometry. Now, the first was indeed explained still in 1900: on Dec. 14, in a lexture of Planck, published in some months [4]; and read immediately by Einstein. Einstein and Marity started about the problem in the spring of 1901 [5] and in 1905 it led to the energy quantum, the photon [6]. The other cloudlet was cleaned away in an even more straightforward way: Einstein was already working on it, although there Marity was uninterested [7], and in 1905 the solution led to Special Relativity [8]. So small cloudlets on the otherwise clear sky may be useful. But we are farther from Synthesis as expected on 1st January, 1901.”

This is really a credulous personn and also who continue this (like all actual scientists).

An example, with a very near phrase: “the clear sky of Physics there was still 2 cloudlets” we can change by “the magic is know that all have trick and this is according to science, but here was still 2 cloudlets”. In case of physic and Lord Kelvin this give birth to “quantum theory” and “the thoery of relativity” (both are theories and by that without 1 proof), also can add the “theory of expansion of the universe and Big Bang”, in the other phrase the credulous against that all magic have tricks could give birth to UFO, Gods, miracles, martians, astrology, …

All is according to credulous, I know that all magic has trick, also I know that universe cannot expand and also that quantum theory, universe expansion and Einstein theories only can to be impossibles.

Against to this a credulous always search evidences according to Ufo, to miracles, … to Big Bang, to expansion of universe, to quantum theory and also to Einstein theory, so today quantum theory is the “junk drawer” where all without knowing end. In past the scientist admit answer not knows but today seem that need give explantaion to all and also joint to their believers. An example: a person don’t know the trick for a magic success, against to say that has a trick but not know it, they say that is true or is according to quantum theory.


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Author: Luis Biarge Baldellou

Email: lbiar@mail.com

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