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http://imagineonscience.wordpress.com/ – my other page over “imagine on science” according to imagination against the mainstream.


http://bigbangno2.wordpress.com/  – my other web over ridiculous of the science, for create controversy against actual scientist and their belief (near sectarian).

http://bigbangno3.wordpress.com/ – my hypotheses, 1 by 1.


Light speed is not maximum speed

The theory of relativity is false

Einstein theory is false

E=mc2 is false

Wormholes from black holes is false

Black hole is bad defined

Cosmic X-ray and black holes

Dark energy not exist

Dark energy and universe expansion

Dark energy and acceleration of the expansion of the universe

Magic dark energy

Dark energy is against physic laws

Light not escape from black hole but x-ray escape

Nothing escape from black hole

Wormholes escape

Dark energy and Hubble’s law

Astronomers discredit

Burden of proof

Creationism and belief

Creationism and science

Dark energy does not exist

Failed theories

Hubble and distance

Hubble and perspective

Mathematics and Big Bang

Nobel prizes 2011

Perspective and astronomy

Science and creationism

Science control

Science false

Science is strict

Science sectarian

Scientist are not so intelligents

Scientist discredit

Scientist newspaper are controllers

Scientist newspaper need to close

Theories and reality

Things farther are smaller theory

University and proselytism

Against the mainstream not better that in Copernicus time

Science accept impossibles

Copernicus and bonfire

2 and 2 are not 5

Scientist conversation

UFO and Big Bang

History and actual science

Higgs boson impossible

Higgs boson and mass of particles

Others bosons

Higgs boson and sect

Big Bang and proselitism

Quantum, Theory of relativity, Big Bang, Higgs boson, stem cell

Universe could exist in all forms

Science and errors

Universities need to abandon proselytism

All prizes need to close

Accelerated expansion of the universe and drain

Scientist newspaper and copyright

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Author: Luis Biarge Baldellou

Email: lbiar@mail.com

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