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Remember: This page represent an island against the scientist stupidity. Maybe the only one actually.


This page receive very few visits (only 2 to 10 by day according to stats). It’s very difficult to find in any searcher, … probably you find it by accident and you can look like all the people belief in false mainstream. Nobody speak over my hypotheses. I need your help against lie, power and control. In more of 2 years lie continue and this page and true are unknow. Could me know the end of this false physic in my life?


– You can contribute by write to scientist newspaper, to universities, making yourself redaction over you read here (my redaction and ideas maybe not well organized), write in blogs, in forums, write to your friends, students, graduates, to generalists newspaper and press, … and all help in general.

Please contribute with banners and stamps. Thanks.

– Any form of “viral marketing” is wellcome.

– Also by writing to another branchs of science: the science is only 1, but many branchs and discredit will cover to all branchs. Any scientist is responsable by a bad use of science, if a science say that UFO exist, all science branches need to show that is impossible without proofs.

– If you think I say true, you can or to know that people and mainstream is false or treat to show the true. If you don’t contribute you can be according to mainstream or to know by your mind that the mainstream is false.

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– I appreciate your contribution, please contribute. Allways link to my homepage : https://bigbangno.wordpress.com

– Without your help the acceptation would to take 100 years. In 2 years all my work has been rejected by scientist, newspaper and amateurs. For help not need so many time I have made also the pages in http://bigbangno2.wordpress.com , these are for create controversy. That a true need 100 years not would be first time.

Do you would to help Copernicus against the mainstream in that moment? You can’t but you can help me, the moment is very similar. You can think I like comparer with a big man, but really are very similar situations (without promise of bonfire today).

– Some people say me to contribute by money: I prefer your contribution helping to show this hypotheses (I create system for money in “for sale”).

– I don’t write more to newspaper, also not to scientist, but you can. For me 2 years of rejects are enough.

– Accept my hypotheses means their auto-discredit, and really scientist act like a sectarian (belief in impossibles): Do you belief a believer admit proofs against their believer? . Really from near 100 years ago all their are discredit but they don’t know. The discredit is created by theirs, I only show it.

– If you have any doubt look my 5 proofs in resume of my homepage : https://bigbangno.wordpress.com/ and/or read the relations with fact between actual theories and my hypotheses in page https://bigbangno.wordpress.com/facts-and-theories-lacks-and-funny-ideas/ (they are in 2 tables).

– Also for contribution: not purchase scientist newspaper, this only need to close, not purchase theirs will help theirs to close, see “scientist-newspaper-need-to-close”  , today they are only near to control and power.

Thanks to all by your contributions.

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Big Bang and Darwin

This box has 4 screens:  Science and creationism, Darwin and creationism, Darwin and Big Bang, Big Bang and creationism.

This means that science admit creationism (expansion of the universe and Big Bang theories), but this is against real science, Darwin and real science not admit creationism. Religions and control admit creationism.

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I love good science

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I love true

This banner has 8 screens: I love true and by that also true science. I love true. true make you free, lie make you slave. Creationism is according to religion. Creationism – Big Bang – expansion of the universe theories. Creationism = control = lie = false science. Read this web against the control and stupidy in science. Press to this web: “maybe the only one against the stupidy and control in science” Science today is lie and control.

Copy this (142 kb – 720×90):

<a href="https://bigbangno.wordpress.com/"><img src="https://bigbangno.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/i-love-good-true1.gif" alt="I love true" width="720" height="90" border="0" /></a>


Creaccionism not exist

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<a href="https://bigbangno.wordpress.com/"><img class="aligncenter" src="https://bigbangno.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/not-creationism.jpg" alt="Creaccionism not exist" border="0" /></a>


Stop lies

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Einstein lying

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<a href="https://bigbangno.wordpress.com/other-hypotheses/"><img class="aligncenter" src="https://bigbangno.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/einstein-lying.gif" alt="Einstein lying" width="180" height="150" border="0" /></a>


Einstein lying

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<a href="https://bigbangno.wordpress.com/other-hypotheses/"><img class="aligncenter" src="https://bigbangno.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/einstein-lying-mc2.gif" alt="Einstein lying" width="180" height="150" border="0" /></a>


Short texts (emails, forums, cellular, …)

bigbanno.wordpress.com against stupidy   (or all in short : bigbanno against stupidy )

bigbanno.wordpress.com against stupidy in sciences

bigbanno.wordpress.com for liberty

bigbanno.wordpress.com for true

bigbanno.wordpress.com against lies

bigbanno.wordpress.com make you free

bigbanno.wordpress.com – true make you free – also in science

bigbanno.wordpress.com against Big Bang  lie

bigbanno.wordpress.com against e=mc2

bigbanno.wordpress.com against all prizes

bigbanno.wordpress.com against prizes for economists that later put us in crisis

bigbanno.wordpress.com against mainstream like Copernicus today

bigbanno.wordpress.com against scientist newspapers


Thanks to all by your contributions.


Why donate?

This is probably the only page against Einstein physics and Einstein science, this webpage is according to Newton science (Newscience) , today the only page against mainstream (false Einstein physics – impossible, belief, creationism, sect, control, power) and according to real Newton physics.

Probably I need to purchase words in searchers for publicity. (I have not relation with magazines and less with scientists newspaper – this last are into the sect of Einstein sciences).

Scientists (believers, sectarian) say that I say lies, when really they say lies, have control, power, proselytism (universe expansion, Big Bang, black holes, quantum theory and physics, …). The lies say that I lie, I say true but I’m against mainstream.

I like write near other 50 hypotheses more. (I don’t know really the quantity, each day change).

This is a fight between 1 and millions (Einstein scientists, believers, lies, false, power, control, proselytism). In 1 side is the true, in the other the false and control.

I never will admit prizes, relation with scientists or universities, … see my principles

I treat here to unmask many lies, if the power and control lies probably (or many sure) there is by an interest: True make free, lies make slave.

Probably I’m the only person that today defend Newton science (Newscience), or classic science against all actual scientists (soon totally discredit) that defend from 1927 many lies and impossibles.

Now is time that this false science ends.


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Author: Luis Biarge Baldellou

Email: lbiar@mail.com

Copyright ©2011 Luis Biarge Baldellou – You can copy all or part of this work giving this web page direction.