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Facts and theories

Here I go to compare the facts with the theories (expansion of the universe and Big Bang) and also compare with my hypotheses

Expansion of the Universe and Big Bang:

– Redshift: ok, according to visual and real expansion.

– Strecked wave: ok by doppler effect.

– Time delay: ok, according to visual and real expansion.

– Hubble’s law: ok, according to visual and real expansion.

– Flat: bad, an unverse in expansion flat would to expand in cubic form (against spherical form), a probably flat expansion lose angle with distance and the far universe would to be with less angle. Also a flat expansion is not according to expand equal in all directions and points. In a square or cubic form, the diagonal is more longer. Here the trap is to say that in more dimensions, but we see only in 3d, not in 5d and by that this is only a trap without sense.

– Equal in all directions and points: bad, incompatible with flat. Only the sphere can to be this but only in 1 point (the centre).

– Homogeneous: bad, flat is homogeneous but lose angle, spherical is not homogeneous, more dense near.

– Isotropy: ok, maybe.

– Not motion: not comments. Here we need to believe like say the expansion theory that expansion is in all points without motion.

– Acceleration of the expansion: here the theory speak over Quintessence, … without give a real explanation, but Quintessence has motion and the acceleration theory is without motion. Really expansion theory has not explanation. New theories say that acceleration is from dark energy but also has problems (see point 5 in main page over 5 proofs).

– CMBR: The theory say that the universe remain plasma until later of cmbr, by that cmbr send noise, … (not more comments, is near ridiculous the theory). Is good to coment that Big Bang theory treat this like evidence.

– Blackbody in cmb: add to CMBR that until 3000k the plasma not create atoms, by that is blackbody, by contrast another theory say that deuterium is created before this time (an atom is created before the creation of the atomsm according the theory deuterium is created in the first three minutes, near 400.000 years before), also is strange that many stars and objects has more  temperature but not create plasma. I need to add that blackbody is a theoretical body that really not exist.

– CMBR temperature: No or doubtful – Consider this from this theories need to assume: the universe is created hot (not needed because it’s not an explosion and there is not motion, so temperature in big-bang is another creation, that space is multiply near trillion times without lose of temperature (in CMBR rest yet 3000 k), later few time later of CMBR the temperature decrease sufficent for create atoms and first stars by a creation of probably 1/100000000 in relation. That CMBR is black and soup that not permit measures of more temperature from older times, that with 3000k cannot to be atoms, but stars have more temperature and have atoms, that this CMBR has 3000 k, not atoms, has black body and emit microwaves, … In total many things need to be believer for the theories are according to visual. (see my solucion below). Many believers and sects not need to believe in so many things.

– According to geometry cannot expand equal in all direction and points: bad, these theories (expansion, Big Bang and more theories according to expansion) admit expansion against geometry.

– The space cannot expand: bad, this theories admit expansion of the universe (really creation).

– The new evidence of dark energy work: “This process, called “lensing”, eventually adds up to a total deflection of around 3 arc minutes – one-20th of a degree.” : bad, this show that are real visual expansion. Expansion and different visual angles is against Hubble’s law. That there are different angles is proved and against real expansion.

– “Baby galaxies and stars emit microwaves”: bad, this fact is according to CMBR microwaves from a universe time with pre and baby stars that not emit light and by that also not reflect nothing, but is not prouved that CMBR hot and without atoms emit this radiation. (see below).

(really expansion is against the facts)

Really is only a fact according to expansion of the universe, this is visual expansion, but from visual expansion say that really expand is like from visual size (the object at more distance seem more littles) to say that really there are relation distance – size, this last is only visual and called perspective. In same form visual expansion is only visual and really impossible (against all physic laws).

My hypotheses:

Redshift: ok, a visual expansion is equal to a real expansion, like a visual size in perspective is visually equal to a real size decrement.

– Strecked wave: ok by doppler effect. Doppler effect also work with a visual expansion where each wave travel a way longer.

Time delay: ok, is visual expansion also. By this also need commoving from this optical effect.

Hubble’s law: ok, give relation distance – visual speed.

Flat: the universe remain flat because there is not real expansion.

Equal in all directions and points (without importance the point of the universe): ok is visual but not real, like perspective that relations distance – visual size, is equal in all points and directions.

– Homogeneous: ok, the universe is homogeneous and remain homogeneous with this visual expansion.

– Isotropy: ok, in the same that homogeneous

– Not motion: ok, without real expansion, there is not motion.

– Acceleration of the expansion: Ok, we are in a galaxy (or cluster) this grow near the curvature, this curvature is constant but less in relation with distance, for example, a curvature incremented in 0. 1 (maybe better 0.0001, or less) represent in 1 is 1.1, in 100 is 100.1, in 1000000 is 1000000.1, so seem more increment near us, and this is equivalent to a visual acceleration of the expansion, the 0.1 value is more in few quantities. For 1.1 represent 0.1, for 1000000.1 represent only 0,0000001.

– CMBR: ok, in a universe without expansion and without fist time (Big Bang, …), there are objects before first light, in this universe we see the first stars from 13.75 billion lightyears (cmbr) but the universe has not first day and the objects at more distance. By this the microwave can to be the first light at 13.75 billion lightyears with visual expansion and stretched and/or emission before at the first lights by starts before lights, …. This is also according to note below: “baby galaxies and stars emit microwaves”

– Blackbody in cmb: ok, a body only can to reflect light in present and past time, but not from future time and need to cover the distance (lightyears), first stars cannot reflect another stars because are in the future of in the present but in more distance that cannot reflect. Also according to “baby stars” this emit microwaves (proved) but this is not proved by a soup of pre-atoms.

– CMBR temperature: Ok. In the CMBR by trigonometry 1 grade at this distance is equal to 2000 milky way (121e), so 1 grade x 1 grade are near 4 millions of milky way. The map of CMBR seem have few resolution, 1 grade in each direction means 360×360 = 129600 photos, and with 4 millions of milky way. The resolution of this CMBR photo is so big that astronomers say that each time they put a telescope in a new direction and see far galaxies they always say new galaxies (imagine the quality and resolution from CMBR photo that see farthest distance and not see that galaxies). Really this temperature (equal to cosmic noise) is from baby stars before they give light (see “Baby galaxies and stars emit microwaves” below), in any position they measure the temperature there are millions or billions or trillions of pre-stars that emit microwaves and that have temperature. Also is sure the temperature is with few variations.

– According to geometry cannot expand equal in all direction and points: ok, there is not real expansion, only visual.

– The space cannot expand: ok, is only visual

– The new evidence of dark energy work: “This process, called “lensing”, eventually adds up to a total deflection of around 3 arc minutes – one-20th of a degree.” : ok, the angle show that the visual distance is more that real distance. Without expansion and with different visual angles work well like the pages of an open book that show each page a few shorter that previous (each page has a few more angle that previous). That there are different angles is proved.

– Another proof: Baby galaxies and stars emit microwaves “millimetre/submm-wave Universe, including baby galaxies and stars, exoplanets, and Solar System weather” according to 66 telescopes ALMA in the Andes: http://www.spacecentre.co.uk/spacenow/newsitem.aspx/2/937/Launch_Into_Space. This proof is according to CMBR like emission from stars in formation. But it’s not prouved that magma CMBR according with the Big Bang theory that it’s before the atoms emit radiation.

(visual expansion with null real expansion is according to facts)

It’s sure there are more facts.

If you not read my hypotheses: I say the universe is infinite in time and space, not expand, but visually expand, the visual expansion is by grow of gravity (the gravity curve the light) in form that the angle grow constantly (in a very little form but visible in very large distances of billion lightyears). The gravitational lens and the new evidence of dark energy (false) say it: “Dark energy spotted in the cosmic microwave background” in http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/46572

This is near to perspective, by perspective (optical effect) we see shorter objects with distance, by Hubble’s law we see redshift objects with distance.

You can read my text (evidences, hypotheses, …) to understand my work.



Some people say that my information have lacks, I see that they think that, but really they really “see the mote in one’s neighbor’s eye and not the beam in one’s own”. Really the lacks (many and very bigs) hare in the actual theories.

Also this theories has none proof in many years and are against physic laws. Are also creationists.


 Funny ideas

  • From a not universe (the universe is created from nothing).
  • From not time. This also means that Big Bang is not in a moment, really is created in a non moment, in a non second. If time not exist cannot to be a moment or second that depend of time.
  • From not matter and not energy.
  • All the time the space is created (not expanded, because it’s not compressed), but in first second is created all: time, energy, matter, space, …
  • A creation without motion but with explosion mode and with many heat according to the theory. This means not an heat explosion that create the universe, against this without motion means that the universe is created and more is created with explosion mode and heat added.
  • Inflationary theory that create an bigger expansion without deflationary theory: today the expansion is many less, but inflationary theory not explain the change from big expansion to low expansion, but it’s necessary because in other mode in a expansion in relation distance – speed, the distance cannot to be equal or more to maximal speed (a car that travel in relation distance speed cannot later to be an average of maximum speed). And all without motion and all only creating space from nothing.
  • The atoms are created according to the theory in CMBR (and needed for blackbody in CMBR), but many years before is created the deuterium that is another atom (but according to first three minutes theory and that they give like a evidence).
  • The magma from CMBR without atoms (need for blackbody) emit microwaves but has not atoms in a less temperature that many stars today. Need to be more cooler to create first atoms.
  • The space is created in all points and directions, same against geometry that has not figure that can make this in 3d. We see in 3d the expansion and by that this need to be 3d compatible.
  • All this theories are near a person that born, grow and die, more: Higgs boson like “stem cells”

(and they say that me make funny ideas)


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Author: Luis Biarge Baldellou

Email: lbiar@mail.com

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