The universe does not expand

(work against the mainstream)

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(All this work is over my hypotheses – more of 60)

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(Make few days a comment say me that could make me many question, probably I have more question to make to you, that you can make to me, there are).

– Do you know a bigger trick from a magician that create all from nothing?. According to actual science this exist and is called the Big Bang.

– Why are there people that believe that the universe does not expand? – In same form that many people believe that Gods not exist, in same form that people in past believed that the Earth was not flat. All this also accordint to none prove given by people that kow that the universe expands and that create anything from nothing is only according to magic (expansion of the universe is a theory without 1 only proof).

– E=mc2 – a simile: A vehicle travel at light speed (c) and has a collision, in this collision lose m/2, then according to kinetic formule e=mv2/2 the energy of the collision would to be e=mc2 from v=c and lose mass of m/2. Then in this simile the matter lose is converted in energy? (remember that in an nuclear reaction is considered the lose mass, not the total mass). According to kinetic e=mv2/2 there are not conversion and according to Einstein e=mc2 there are conversion, and in this simile you  can applicate both formulas.

– Do you believe that according to Einstein E=mc2 a car crash would to dissapear the half, at any speed or at least at lightspeed? – According to E=mc2 mass is converted to energy, according to e=mv2/2 (kinetic energy) a collision generate energy without mass conversion to energy. According to E=mc2 with a car at c would to be near to e=mv2/2, so m/2 would to be converted to energy. See O15.

– In E=mc2 where is the radiactivity of the environment? – According to E=mc2 mass is converted to energy, in this formule there is not place for radiactivity of the environment. So according to Einstein in Fukusima and Chernobil would not exist nuclear environment danger for human bodies.

– How can maximun speed to be exceed and continue like maximun speed? – When a theory is show is false is rejected but maximum speed from light is demonstrated there is exceed but continue considered like maximum speed. See: O01-a.

– Do you believe that all is equal to none? – Actual physicists say is yes: this is also called Big Bang where all and nothing are the same. Clasical mathematicians and physicists would not admit it but none actual  mathematicians have reject this, also not given a formula to accept it.

– Do you believe that 0=1=2=3= ….. 100000 = 100000000 ….? – Actual physicists say is yes: this is also called Expansion of the Universe where space is created in all time from nothing (is not a conversion, is not a expansion, only can to be a creation). Clasical mathematicians would not admit it but none actual  mathematicians have reject this, also not given a formula to accept it. If universe expand this means that mathematics are error and that religion and magic are true.

– Do you believe that notime and time is the same?Actual physicists say is yes: in Big Bang, the only second or less where notime is converted in time, also you can say that in that moment time is created, by that before that moment is notime.

– Do you know a geometrical figure that admit expansion in all points and directions? – Actual physicists say is yes: this is also called Expansion of the Universe where according to this theory the universe expand in all places and in all directions. The only figure that can expand equall in all direction is from only a point, this is sphere, actual geometry has not given a figure for this. Clasical mathematicians would not admit it but none actual  mathematicians have reject this, also not given the form of this geometrical figure.

– Do you know that adding a quantity to anything can become zero? or x + 1 = 0? – Actual physicists say is yes: this is also called a black hole. According to this an star incrementing mass become a black hole and a black hole is a hole without mass. In an Clasical mathematicians x + 1 = 0 is inly possible if x is -1 but not a positive quantity, by that clasical mathematicians would not admit it, but none actual mathematicians have reject this, also not given a formula to accept it. More they say a black hole is a whormhole, so x + 1 is converted in a subway.

– Do you know that a bulb lose mass when emit light? – Actual physicists say is yes: this is called quantum physics. According to this light emit quantum, this is quantity of particles and by that lose mass. By this a bulb when emit light lose mass, this can to be making less weight the bulb or converting electricity in mass. So when you see a little bulb thing this can to be a bigger bulb that has lose mass. More: in first time of quantum theory they consider the light is not wave, later need to admit also is wave, so today is wave and quantum.

– Do you know that difference between matter and energy is a vibration? – Actual physicists say is yes: this is called strings theory. According to this the difference between matter and energy is a vibration in a supposeed 10 dimensions (6 news not knows).

– Do you know that 2 lights traveling 1 against the other the speed is only light speed? – Actual physicists say is yes: this is called theory of relativity of Einstein. According to this a light travel a light speed and 2 lights traveling 1 against another also travel at light speed, by that c + c = c (c is light speed) or 1 + 1 = 1. According to this theory c is maximum speed so c + c only can to be c. Also according to this theory a particle traveling near light speed decrease infinitely in size. So neutrinos travel more or less that light speed need to have a very big size in rest (according to this theory and according they travel near less or more that light speed). So not stop a neutrino they probably has size more bigger that our Sun.

– Do you know that there is a energy indifferent to quantity and distance? or force? – Actual physicists say is yes: this is dark energy. According to expansion of the universe theory this expand by dark energy, also they say that there are different accumulation of dark energy in different parts of the universe and according to this theory the universe is growing and not create new dark energy. But according to Hubble’s law the universe expand equal in all points and directions, so the dark energy in indifferent to quantity, relation in space, … According to physics all forces decrease with distance (gravity, ..) less this energy.

– Do you know that according to expansion of the universe theory the universe expand equal in all point and not, all at same time? – Actual physicists say is yes: according to universe expansion theory the universe expand equal in all places less in places without gravity, so they don’t expand in galaxies, because in time if expand here they dissapear, but is easy to understand this is impossible. Suppose a distance x, if there are not galaxies in that distance each metre expand equal, no imagine there are 1 o more galaxies into, then in that places not expand, so the rest of the space need to expand the size that not expand the galaxies, also you can imagine all that space is used by 1 or more galaxies but in that case not expand and expand. According to Hubble’s law (a law is a law proved, and a theory is without proofs) the universe expand equal in all points, also remember there are big galaxies, so Milky Way Galaxy is approximately 100,000 light-years in diameter and there are bigger galaxies).

– Why nuclear plants produce worn-out combustible? – According to E=mc2 all the mass is converted in energy and by that has not sense the so called worn-out combustible. This combustible is less efective, according to a collision from E=mv2/2 where a quantity has lose they power. A car consume gasoline and by that need to refuel, according to e=mc2 same need occurs in nuclear plants, but not, in nuclear plants say that the combustible is worn-out and take out by another new. And where in the formula is the radiactivity of the environment?O15

– Do you know that according the theory of relativity 1+1=1? or c+c=c? – An accident with 2 vehicles in against direction add their speeds: a car crash of 2 cars at 1 km/hr produce at accident at 2 km/hr (1+1=2) but according to the theory or relativity if these vehicles travel at lightspeed (c) the additions is same c (c+c=c). None physicist or mathematics say this is false, by that all their are according to this : 1+1=1 or c+c=c

– Why according to Einstein there is maximum speed (c) but not maximum size, volume, temperature, voltage, power, time, …? – According to maths and physics all have a minimum= zero in speed, size, time, voltage, … but there is not maximum (less in speed that according to Einstein is c), also according to maths and physics n + n  = 2n but according to Einstein c + c = c and none mathematician reject it.

– Why actual science is equal to credulous and from this in believer? – When anything is impossible there are 3 subjects: believer, credulous and who know is impossible, this occur in religion: believer – agnostic – atheist, and in all without proofs: UFO, astrology, magic tricks, … In science, classical science not believe in nothing but actual science is credulous and believe in impossibles without any proof (also called theories): quantum theory, relativity theory, expansion of the universe theory, big bang theory. An impossible only is an impossible.

– Why science not admit expansion from nothing less the universe? – Like the universe is not compressed this ask also can to be made with the word creation. Also in past the science say that the empty space contains ether because could not explain that waves travel in empty space.


– Do you know when and where was taken this coup d’etat to science?: In 1927 Solvay conference. Einstein was 1 of theirs.And from then none scientists has show all this is only impossible.

(in construction)

Probably I have near of 1001 questions, soon a new page with theirs.

You probably belief this say actual scientists, but all this only is impossible, and against clasical and real science. Scientists reject all proofs against this theories (a theory has none proof, this include Theory of relativity, Big Bang, theory of expansion of the universe, strings theory, …). This web is according to classical science (until Newton) and reject all new sciences impossible and without proofs (science near from Einstein).

You can believe all you like, beliefs are millions, but true is only 1.


The facts and their interpretation

(in construction)

Showing like a not unique fact is considered in 3 forms: belief, doubt, reallity. Normally belief and reallity are opposites.

The fact is only 1, the interpretation many times are millions, true is only 1.


  • Big Bang and universe expansion theories are only theories without proofs (with 1 only proof would not be theories), they are against physic laws and only are impossibles. Remember that physic laws are stricts. That mainstream consider it real not means this is true (a lie thousend times repeated is not a true, and also is not true even you have eared from child). Not burden of proof, only that seem expand like by perspective seem that objects far are smaller. Also are creationist ideas (against Darwin).
  • I have proofs, my work is according to facts, according to physic laws and are possibles.Mainstream has none proof, only is impossible, it’ss against physic laws and also against facts. The only point is the visual expansion (an optic effect).
  • Today I can also affirm that neutrinos show that actual scientists are not scientists (same if not exceed light speed, because are particles and not waves and according to theory of relativity the size would to be infinitely less), they are sectarian (believers) and pseudo-scientists. Against all proofs they continue in their belief against the reality: read here.
  • How is possible that actual scientists (more really like pseudo-scientists) can mistake an optic effect like a real true (an impossible)?. What type of scientist are these actuals?: This is near mistake perspective with real size, or near mistake an optic lens (this is the real true in visual expansion of the universe) with real size. Very bad and poor for actual scientists. And only impossible (creationism) and against physic laws, but defended by actual (pseudo-)scientists. A lie thousend times repeated is not a true.
  • If a group of famous scientists say that your room is growging: Dou would you believe theirs? Then: Why you belief that universe is expanding?


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Do you like to know the cause of life in Earth? : press here

Dou you like to know the reality of so called nuclear energy? : press

– Do you like to know why compass not point real north? : press

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– Dou you like to know the real cause of glaciations? : press here

These and more other hypotheses different from Big bang and universe expansion in Other hypotheses page : e=mc2 is false, quantum is false, whormholes, string theory, more dimensions, classic Newton physic, …


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Big Bang and Darwin

You can contribute for (positive) : truth, real science, free (true make free), physic laws, rationalism, carry false scientist to discredit, public domain of advances, end of prizes, close of scientist newspaper (control, silence, copyright), …

You can contribute against (negative): lie, control, slave (lie make slave), false science, creationism, sect, belief, pseudo-science, stupidity, impossibles, bad concepts, swindle, against false scientits that have credit and prizes, false good tobacco, false good nuclear, bad power of mainstream, power of scientist newspaper that take the copyright.

Today are many false science with power and control (nuclear, tobacco, transgenic), … is doubt that many scientist admit so many false science, but in all case only can to be a person in 1 side (not in both). You can take side with me and true or with mainstream, power and lie.

An architect or engineer cannot lie, if lie the house fall, but scientist can lie and really lie and many, like economist, politics, lawyers, …

This page represent an island against the scientist stupidity and control. Maybe the only one actually.

I need your help to accelerate this work (in 2 years always is rejected and many thinks is false). Without your viral help this may take many years and in that time the lie has the power in science. Put my banners and stamps in your pages, emails, forums, … or send email with my webpage to your friends. I need your help for this. The other side (mainstream) has all the power, all the control, all the media, …

Do you would to help Copernicus against the mainstream in that moment? You can’t but you can help me, the moment is very similar. You can think I like comparer with a big man, but really are very similar situations (without promise of bonfire today).

Soon all scientist will obtain total discredit.

You can think according to mainstream, normally this seem real because a lie 1000 times repeated seem true. But Big Bang only is impossible.

From date 11/10/2011: This is already a “fight

with no quarter given” against scientist (pseudoscientist, beliefs, control, lies, discredit. After 2 years sending text to theirs and reject all of theirs without read and continue in theirs beliefs (only impossible without proofs).

This page represent an island against the scientist stupidity and control. Maybe the only one actually.

This is a “fight to death” against all scientist (science is only 1 and lie affects to all scientists) and in all consequences. Against their stupid beliefs that are against physic laws, against facts, … (like a scientist that would say that thing are smaller in distance – this is really perspective and in same relation distance with other parameter – in 1 case is “size visual” [called perspective] in the other is “speed visual” [in this case they say that the universe really expand – it’s creationism? – not compressed cannot expand, only can to be created or creationism] in both cases the relation with distance is near perfect).

Also against all people that defend that belief without read the proofs against that impossible. Many times called amateurs, but in this case are only believers and sectarians. That belief in impossible like all sectarians.

“fight to death”. They have the power, the control, the publications, universities, doctors, … but they are not the truth. Soon all theirs will obtain discredit by theirs beliefs over impossibles.

I have here proofs (down in 5 proofs) against expansion and Big Bang, my hypotheses are according to the facts (in page of facts), all my work is according to physic laws. These theories (without 1 proof) are only impossibles and creationist.

I need your help if you understand the true. Without your help may pass many time, each day 1 receive few visits and many of theirs belief in mainstream. (I also need many viral help – really). In other form may need many years to destroy this belief.

Mainstream has all the power, I have only this web. In past other need to make this work against mainstream: Copernicus, … You can stay with mainstream, is your problem.

They say that universe expand in same form that any doctor would say that your home expand without any proof, or that a doctor that say that a sparrow creates the footprint of dinosaurs. All impossible and without any proof.

This is not first time that scientist lie or have errors: nuclear nor bad, tobacco not bad, transgenics, celullars, asbestos, flat Earth, Sun orbit to Earth (before Copernicus), Mars with martians, and many more ….


All my work is according to the physic facts, any of these facts in relation with Big Band and expansion theories are: redshift, Strecked waves, time delay, Hubble’s law and/or relation distance – speed, flat, equal expansion (visual or real) in all directions and points (without importance the point of the universe), homogeneous, isotropy, not motion, acceleration of the expansion, CMBR, blackbody in cmb, CMBR temperature, light is curved by gravity (or eccentric). To these facts we can add more that explain in this work:  light we see from CMBR is curved by gravitational lens, “Baby galaxies and stars emit microwaves” (66 telescopes ALMA). I consider a fact anything proved (a proof) like for example that the gravity curve the light, gravity,  a physic law, …

These 2 theories (expansion of the universe and Big Bang) are against these facts in many moments. Really they are against physic laws. Remember these theories have none proof, with only one proof they would not to be theories. Really only a fact is according to expansion theory: the visual expansion, but this is like to say that far objects are little that near objects by visual relation distance – size (visual size). This last is called perspective.

These theories would to give proofs (burden of proof) but not given none, against theirs I give proofs against theirs.

Also some people say that I have lakes but really lakes (or super lakes) have the theories. I have not any lake.


Do you like contribute? Or Do you prefer people think error?

The truth make you free, the lie make you slave. There are interest in lie and control.

Please help me with viral information or this information not will see the light in many time. The scientist and scientist newspaper reject it and accept impossibles like in time against Copernicus, … (more of 2 years all rejected)

I need your help to show and publish this. Without your help this may need many years (2 already without results, all rejected by this stupid auto-belief-scientist-actuals). Few visits has my web, mainstream is against it and has all the power.

This page receive very few visits (only 2 to 10 by day according to stats). It’s very difficult to find in any searcher, … probably you find it by accident and you can look like all the people belief in false mainstream. Nobody speak over my hypotheses. I need your help against lie, power and control. In more of 2 years lie continue and this page and true are unknow. Could me know the end of this false physic in my life?

This is already a “fight with no quarter given” against scientist (pseudoscientist, beliefs, control, lies, discredit. After 2 years sending text to theirs and reject all of theirs without read and continue in theirs beliefs (only impossible without proofs).

Soon (maybe in 100 years) all scientist will be discredit by accept that visual expansion is same that real expansion in same form that visual size it’s not real size (called perspective) and against proofs, against physic laws, against facts, against impossibles, against mathematics and only according to visual, belief, creationism, religions, power, control, …

This is a “fight to death” against all scientist (science is only 1 and lie affects to all scientists) and in all consequences.

They have the power, the control, the publications, but they are not the truth. This fight is already against scientist, false science, scientist newspaper (need to close) and against prizes (also need to close) like you can read in and also in my other pages related in (more of 250 pages against all these lies and false science and control).

You can read my other pages, you have relation of theirs at right side and read like my hypotheses are according to the facts (not the false mainstream), evidences, proofs (below 5 proofs, …)

Like in war: ” “fight with no quarter given”, not treats, not pardon, not truce, … with scientists, scientist newspapers, doctors, prizes, … Today seem in science only there are idiots (believers) and crooks (power, take advantaje, publish, …)

Give prestige to how has really not so value bring this results: today many people belief in that so-called-prestiged persons but that has not reason and lie like any not prestiged and without value real. These so called “outstanding figures” admit impossibles and people think they are true.

Any people say me that I belief, NOT: I don’t believe, I have proofs, I’m according to facts and physic laws, they are who really belief in impossibles, without 1 proof, against physic laws, … But today a lie 1000 times repeated is considered a true and the power has the control and the publications. (when a lie is intented to be taken as real any interest need to be in that).

Soon all scientist will be discredit.

New Press Note: Nobel Prize Physics 2011, error and also in the Theory of relativity, another proof against expansion

Resume (easy and clear) [with 5 proofs]

(here I put 5 proofs, later compare facts with theory and my hypotheses, and create a new sections: facts, lakes and funny ideas)

1 – Space cannot be created: The so-called expansion of the universe is really creation (expansion is from compressed and has motion), the theory don’t admit motion and don’t expand from compressed, by that it’s creation in all places and times. Science don¡t admit creation and by that creation is against science and physic laws. Any people say that science not says nothing over space creation, but Big Bang is creation of all: space, time, matter and energy. Creation is creationism, belief, gods, impossible and against Darwin and science.

2 – Expansion (creation) is in all directions and in all points: This is against geometry, there are not any geometrical figure that can expand like need the theory in 3d (we see in 3d and by that expansion need to be in 3d). This is impossible, but astronomers say that it’s evident. It’s so possible like that theoretically all people can to be rich and with servant, but both options are impossible really. In other form, it’s real like they say: expansion (creation) in all points and directions, but the only quantity that it’s possible is zero according to physic laws, mathematics and science. Also, the universe is flat and the only possible form that expands like need the theory and flat is an optic effect (an optic effect is according to expansion theory, in all points, is flat and also according to physic laws).

3 – Another new proof: The light is curved by gravity and in the universe is curved in different angles. This in an universe in expansion is against Hubble’s law: gravitational lens curve the light, and more gravitational lens cross with distance in form that the angle grow with distance. With more angle in more distance a real expansion would to be against Hubble’s law in same form that a triangle with same hypotenuse and incremented angle has longer cathetus and by that the visual distance if grow hypotenuse and angle cannot to be according to Hubble’s law. In a new article say that CMBR curve the light of around 3 arc minutes in a “around 50 large-scale structures”, by that and gravitational lens the light is curved in different angles. An universe in expansion only can expand with equal angles according to Hubble’s law.

4 – Not expand in places with gravity is against Hubble’s law: According to these theories the universe cannot expand in places with gravity (the near galaxies would to be more expanded), so expansion theory need that universe not expand in places with gravity (galaxies locals, …) but this is incompatible with Hubble’s law. Example: thing a boy that a part of the leg, .. not grow, but after grow all the boy remain proportioned, this is impossible, same occur with this point. Really there are a solution: that the expansion is zero.

5 – Dark energy is indifferent of quantity, distance, …: According to physic laws the forces decrease with distance, a quantity in more space rest relation, but according to Hubble’s law the expansion is same in all point, the expansion according to the theory is from dark energy but this to be according to Hubble’s law their force is indifferent with quantity, distance, relacion with space, … And not only this, according to these theories the universe expand and with more size (by that with less relation of energy by size of space the power increment: according to the theory the expansion accelerates).

(if you understand these 5 proofs you understant more that actual scientists)

See facts, lakes and funny ideas


6 – Scientitits believer on 1 impossible don’t give it true and science, really this means that are scientists believer and convert the matter in Pseudoscience. Impossible is only impossible.

7 – Burden of proof: Who affirm anything need to give the proof: In this case (expansion of the universe and Big Bang) there are not proofs. Visual expansion, redshift, time delay, Hubble’s law and cosmic noise are not proof of real expansion. For example: things farther seem littler, but this not means that things farther is littler, only is visual (perspective). An impossible cannot have proofs. Experiments with particles (CERN, …) also are not proof of expansion of the universe and Big Bang.

8 – Impossible only is impossible: But all believer thing that has proof and evidences: UFO, … So is interesting to see what thing astronomers are Big Bang evidence :, but this is like: “tell me who you think you are, and I will tell you who you are not”. Really proofs nothing. A scientist need to give proofs or delete the affirmation. This transform astronomy in Pseudoscience and sect, and astronomers in believers.

(there are groups that deny expansion, … with methods against science, notes I say here is science (astronomers here are not scientists). I’m according to all facts: visual expansion, Hubble’s law, redshift, time delay, …)


My other hypotheses

In resume: classic physic is true, actual physic is false

O01 – The theory of relativity is false.   // O02 – Wormholes   //  O03 – black hole  // O04 – Cosmic X-ray and black holes // O05 – Dark Energy  // O06 – String theory is false  // O07 – Quantum theory // O08 – Higgs boson // O09 – Olbers’ paradox  // O10 – jumble  // O11 – E=mc2 is false // O12 – X-ray from galaxies clusters are not by gas clouds, are by other galaxy // O13 – The moon does not turn  // O14 – Local Sidereal Time fluctuations // O15 – Reallity of nuclear energy = collision energy.   //  O16 – There are not more dimensions   //  O17 – Elemental subatomic particles and bosons  //  O18 – Conversion matter to energy   //  O19 – Nuclear physic of fusion and fission   //    O20 – Classic physic is correct, modern and quantum is false  //   O21 – Matter and antimatter  // O22 – Cause of life in Earth = the Moon //  O23 – Cause of Pulsars

Read my new Resume in evidences page : click here


See: Comparative Big Bang and my model

Big Bang and Expansion is creationism, belief, impossible, magic, gods: evidence 15se

(Demonstrated in evidences )

The universe expansion is visually correct, but this not means real expansion and real expansion is impossible:

1 – Is creation (creationism), not expansion (expansion is from compressed), this means creation all time in all places. Science and physic laws are against creation. Big Bang is more creationism (a first time, first space, first matter)

2 – There is not a geometrical figure in 3d (our sight is 3d) that permits expand equal in all directions and points according to Hubble’s law and say the theory.

3 – The universe is flat, by that the expansion could not be not flat, but according to expansion theory the expansion cannot be flat.

Any believer (normally in impossibles) believe that have proof and evidence. There are not real evidence and proofs over expansion (is impossible), see evidence 900e.

The called expansion is really creation (the space is not compressed) by that make a mental error and really is creation and by that creationism. It’s not only impossible, against physic laws and mathematics, magic, sectarian and against science that also is creationism and this is also against evolution of biology (Darwin) and according to creationism in biology.

Seem science, but this is not science, is belief and by that not only for scientific newspaper, is like that UFO would be a theme only for ufologists. An impossible is an impossible same with believers scientists. All is with errors: flat universe with expansion (creation) not flat, equidistant and flat, 2 theories incompatibles (deuterium and first atoms near CMBR – evidence 39e), anti physic laws, anti geometry, radius of the universe (give as theory the radius of visible universe in actual time = comoving – evidence 9e), dark energy (independent of quantity expand in all points equal according to Hubble’s law – evidence 3e),…

Accept false information is double error, error + not search and not recognize the true (like hail an innocent).

(This work is according to the visual expansion of the universe and with visual accelerated expansion of the universe)


Resume of  evidences –  Anti Big-Bang evidence (there are more of 100)

1se – There is not any proof of expansion and Big Bang

2se – Draw the geometrical figure like universe expand

3se – Make experimentally an expansion or creation of space from nothing

5se – None probability of true, but only a belief, sect or religion

6se – expansion is creationism (expansion is not from compressed)

9se – Universe with expansion visual explain perfectly what we see and measure.

11se – Resume: impossible expansion and equal in all directions

13se – All the facts are against expansion

14se – Flat and homogeneous are incompatible with  expansion equall in all directions.

15se – Big Bang creationist

1e – Homogeneity, isotropy and flat visual universe are evidence anti expansion.

2e – From 1e how visually would to be less expanded in distance the parallel lines cross in distance and in more distance not fill the 360º of circle

3e – The dark energy is indifferent from quantity.

4e – there are not geometrical figure that admits equal expansion in all points.

5e – Create or expand space

6e – Existence of the black body CMB

7e – Expansion flat and expand equal in all directions is incompatible

8e – A universe in expansion needs to obey many conditions

9e – Why the expansion is accelerating?

12e – The universe repeat the forms and facts.

13e – The unreal believe don’t make it real.

16e – The CMBR begin to be visible at 3000k.

20e – The universe in expansion need inflation.

21e – Vision of CMBR

22e – In the universe with so many much expansion how can create new stars.

23e – How expansion take in count galaxies.

33e – Only can to be an optic effect

39e – Deuterium from First Three Minutes is incompatible with first atoms in CMBR

900e – Big Bang evidence are not evidence

See in  evidences (> of 100)


Resume of this work (only 280 words)
Why only an optic effect is possible according to Physic Laws?
What happens really?
Why is misinterpreted as expansion?
How is the Universe?
Start and end of the Universe
Doubts, Critics, Comments

Resume of this work (only 280 words)

(note: I’m according to visual expansion of the universe)

Over that evidences I see evidence for visual expansion of the universe, I don’t see evidences for Big-Bang. From a fact not all the people think the same.

I treat these evidences for the Big Bang in 3 groups.

A – Evidences over visual expansion of the universe (1), also: Hubble’s law, time delay and spectral redshift.

I’m according to visual expansion.

B –  Anti-evidences: that really are evidences against expansion: Homogeneity, Isotropy, anisotropy (1 degree is equivalent to 1,100 and by that there is real not  anisotropy) (+).

C – No evidences, a theory can’t to be a evidence, more if their are many times without proofs and many times with physic laws unknown (2)

Here the parts of my argument here:

1 – visual expansion (from the previous evidence).

2 – The light (photons) can to be curved by gravity (all we receive from universe, apart of  any particle from near universe, is only light).

3 – All is an optic effect (3).

By 1,2 and 3 all only can be an optic effect where the light is curved by gravity and give an effect like red-shift and visual expansion.

I speak over this in my hypothesis:  What happens really? and hypothesis 14h.

In this work I give reasonable doubts, I don’t need to give any proof, who affirm anything is who needs to give proofs and by now there is not any proof  (Burden of proof).

(My work not needs to create anything, strange theories, strange objects only known in theory, …)


Explanations added for the resume of this work (out of it to make shorter):

  • (1) – Visual expansion don’t need to be real expansion, and visual is not evidence of real. For examples: a ship far of the coast seem to disappear or came down in the sea, but this is not evidence of that really occur that, in nightfall the sun seem red but this is not real, by perspective things farther seem little, …
  • (2)Evidences from theories (they are not evidences): Radio source (it can to have other explanations), blackbody CMB (blackbody  is only theoretical and nobody has demonstrated), Deuterium, 3He, 4He, and 7Li abundances (from theoretical First Three Minutes) this is theoretical and abundances, but also against it blackbody  was also many abundances (telescopes see by all sides in CMB, but it’s only theoretical and without any proof). For example: the theoretical form of a Martian can’t to be the evidence of existence of Martian, …
  • (3) All is an optic effect: if in the Hubble’s law that relations distance-speed-and also time, we change speed by visual speed, we can see that Hubble’s law is near an optic effect like perspective. Visual effect relations distance with any other thing (perspective relations distance-visual size).
  • – Hubble’s law show that in a real expansion we only could to be at center of a universe with spherical expansion and without motion: Why?: we see the blackbody CMB in all directions and near light speed, by that if we have motion in any direction we could not to see the blackbody CMB in the opposite direction, but this is correct always how an optic effect and blackbody CMB probably is a far and old universe yet without galaxies and with many gas and millions of stars (for example).
  • By this Hubble’s law really is evidence of a visual expansion, but against a real expansion.
  • A visual effect (like perspective) is very similar to a spherical effect (visual expansion, …) but it’s flat  (parallel lines continuously not maintain the same distance), and an expansion real only would to be spherical according to Hubble’s law and by that not flat (flat +) .


Currently, astronomers believe the universe is expanding because any evidence seems to point in that direction, but such expansion is impossible according to the arguments presented (and according to physic laws different of the universe expansion and scientific skepticism). All my evidences are accordingly in concordance with accepted laws of standard physics and against the probability of the expansion.

As the universe seems to be expanding seemingly the only solution is that it is solely a visual effect (expansion or creation is impossible and evidences of big-bang are not real evidences: resume).

The solution accordingly is that expansion can only to be apparent (hypothesis 14h and What happens really?: because the light is curved by gravity and also is probably the gravity is growing and this increase the curve.

Here presented are evidences against the accepted expansion idea and also other related hypotheses that might indicate that there may be alternatives to the accepted universe-expansion theory.

In my arguments and hypotheses there is not any strange objects, laws, …

I give here reasonable doubts, the scientifics have not given any proof and they need to give it, all are only theories without proofs and many times without obey physic laws (Burden of proof).


This work may surprise you, but agree with the laws of physics and mathematics. Here, I try to show that expansion of the universe is impossible and everything is just an optical effect. Like an optical effect that we see this in accordance with the laws of physics where there is distance-size relationship visible.

From the theory of relativity we know that light is bent by gravity. No one has demonstrated or experienced that space can expand. The expansion of the universe occurs mainly in parts of the universe with little or no gravity). The expansion of the universe is also against the math because it’s like saying 1=2=3=4=…=10000=…, for example in meters (one-dimensional) are that 1 meter after 2, …

I summarize that the expansion of the universe is against the laws of physics and mathematics

When we talk about the expansion of the universe we can only speak about creating or expanding space and in the latter case is difficult to explain because it was compressed and also mostly in areas with very low or zero gravity.

The laws of physics are so strictly that any error is taken as a miracle.

Normally a theory without any proof (like this of the expansion and Big-bang) are correctly only near the 20% or less, never have in count all the variables, for example : the weather in the past, the economic crack of today. For example without proof probably nobody was made a theory of how a worm can to be a butterfly.

Remember that with expansion or without it we see the same light-years.

Demonstrate that something is true is often impossible.

Why only an optical effect is in accordance with the laws of physics?

According to the theory of the expansion of the universe, it’s expanding equally in all directions (3d) and in relation to the distance (distance-speed) and this how later I demonstrate is not possible (argument 0a).

In my arguments are several that show that the expansion is not possible and that what we see can only be an optical effect.

What happens really?

(This is a hypothesis, maybe error, this work is firstly against the expansion of the universe, the solution may be this or another, but always like an optic effect and according to the curvature of the light by gravity)

The light is bent by gravity, this curvature according to one of my hypothesis (14h) increases continuously by increasing the gravity continuously in micro-metric form and therefore is not visible in short and long distances, but it is noticeable in super very long distances (distances of millions of light years) in which generates a small curvature which shows an effect equivalent to the expansion of the universe and red-shift. The gravity of the universe grow constantly (galaxies, black holes, dark matter, …).

The effect is like an open book where we see that each page appears shorter than the previous one (circle 1 in Fig 1). If we wanted it all finished pages in the same position we should make each page a little longer and after millions of pages would find a significant difference. Another example is the internal and external rails of a curve (they have different radius).

Light is cuved by gravity

This is a visually that the universe is expanding because the road traveled by light is extended continuously by the gravity increasing. But the expansion is not of the space, but the road traveled by light and bent by gravity.

The light is curved in all places the same quantity but the light at double distance is curved double time and by that seem at double speed according to Hubble’s law.

This solution also supports the accelerated expansion theory because more and more the gravity grows and thus the curvature is increased (or accelerated expansion).

By this hypothesis 2 points at the same visual distance may really be at different distances because the light travels the same distance, but one of theirs can travel more curvature than the other (points 1,2 and 3 in fig 1). Also, think that the road may curve in the 3 axes.

(This is not tired light : the tired light don’t explain visual expansion, time delay and spectral redshift.)

Why is misinterpreted as expansion?

For all the visual effects as if the universe really is expanding: red-shift, time delay, … because the light travels along a road increasingly longer, but this cannot be the result of that the universe is in expansion as it is against the laws of physics.

The visual effect is the same expansion, but can only result from an effect like a mirage or optical illusion and much like the perspective (distance-size). In a mirage we can go to the place of origin and check it, but in the universe is not possible.

Really expands the road of the light, but not the space.

How is the Universe?

Contrary to the theory of expansion of the universe this really is infinite in time and space because the expansion is against the laws of physics and mathematics. In arguments and hypotheses are explained in more detail.

Start and End of the Universe

Contrary to the theories of the Big Bang and expansion, and according to my hypothesis (it can’t expand), the universe is infinite in time and space, in the beginning the universe would have only hydrogen (might have other elements, but are not required for reach the universe we know today), this after a while (perhaps billions or trillions of years) won the first stars.

There are theories and/or astronomers who say that a homogeneous universe could not create stars, but do not take into account that the universe has billions of years of time for it, too that the universe may be more or less homogeneous, but this is not the same as saying that the hydrogen atoms cannot move freely in any direction. This is similar to a terrain or rampant leveled, if we let time we see that rain creates channels, … and according to this theory would be impossible because the ground is leveled and rain falls homogeneously. In general, in nature no two identical objects.

The universe has no beginning or end (infinite past and future).

It is easy to understand that the end of the universe will be cold black holes and some will absorb other, perhaps one day there is only one black hole, but I do not think so because these black holes will be far enough from each other, but time is infinite.

Currently in the center of many galaxies are black holes and they get bigger ever more rapidly absorbing material. A black hole can be hot or cold, after a long time is assumed that the activity is curbed and cooled. In the same way that there are collisions of galaxies and  absorbs also happen to black holes.

Earth and the Sun are in a position outside the Milky Way and so will be near the last to be absorbed by the black hole of the Milky Way galaxy unless it is absorbed by another galaxy (or collision).

The universe began with no light (if we can talk about the start of something infinite) and almost certainly no energy or waves, … with the first stars and hot bodies (like Jupiter) began the first conversion of matter into energy and began to warm up, but not homogeneously, over time the universe loses a bit of matter converted into energy and this latter usually ends up in heat, heat dissolved in the huge space are micro-degrees and is not distributed homogeneously. Over time, increases energy and matter decreases a bit and in the future there will only black holes and some dissolved residual heat in the infinite universe.


I give here evidences against the expansion (and also against the Big Bang), some are more irrefutable and others creates more or less reasonable doubt. One only irrefutable evidence is sufficient to demonstrate that something is false, but I prefer to write all my arguments  and evidences and let the reader decide which you like better.

These arguments are not sorted from most to least irrefutable, but rather in chronological order so that when I talk about any topic that has already been tried before and did not need to give additional information on it.

There are many Evidences: 0a.

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I write here hypotheses connected with this work.

There are 26 hypotheses: 1h – Space can’t neither be created nor destroyed, 2h – The dark matter are radiations emitted by stars before light, 3h – Space can’t compress by gravity, 4h – Space curvature neither expand nor compress space, 5h – The light is curved near gravitational objects, 6h – Space can’t compress, 7h – Universe neither expand nor contract, is unchangeable, 8h – Universe heat up (by e=mc2), 9h – The Universe was not empty, always has been not empty, 10h -The Universe start had hydrogen and was not empty, 11h – Origin of the Universe, 12h – Universe evolution, 13h- Universe grow in gravity, 14h – The way that light travel is curved by gravity, 15h – Hubble’s law is by an optic effect, 16h – Origin and cause of galaxies, 17h – The Universe is infinite in time, 18h – The Universe is infinite in space, 19h – The Universe is finite & stable, 20h – The dark matter are stars in formation, 21h – Each galaxy will end in a black hole but not all the Universe, 22h- The cosmic noise is generated near us, 23h – Stars in future will die older, 24h – Universe can exist at any gravity level, 25h – Galaxies are similar to brush that concentrate matter & leave big empty spaces, 26h – Light is curved by gravity.

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